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Guess the celebrity casual sex quote

Article: Guess the celebrity casual sex quote

Most of the time when celebrities are interviewed, they blab on about how talented the director was or what their craft means to them (yawn). But every now and then they’ll open up about something a little more racy. See if you can match up the following celebrities to their quotes about casual sex. (Scroll down to the bottom for the answer key.)

2010: Top Five Gay Records (yes, a little late)

Article: 2010: Top Five Gay Records (yes, a little late)

Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ (Official Video) from Robyn on Vimeo.

I know, I know it is already 2011! But 2010 was a really great year for fans of house beats and electronic music. 2010 saw some rather impressive albums and they all had a 90s alternative, electric vibe. See below for my top five music moments of 2010. And yes, I know, I am big gay cliche.

Spears vs. Takashi Murakami

Article: Spears vs. Takashi Murakami

This year we’ve already seen one pop princess (Christina Aguilera) reemerge from hiding only to be written off as a Gaga-wannabe past her prime. This was a shame as Xtina’s album had brilliant highs and it just seems she was a victim of Gaga’s power over the press.

Now we ready ourselves for Britney Spears’ comeback. And while Spears has always been more likable than Aguilera, and was never one for put-on art/fashion reference, the news about, and accompanying images for, her cover shoot for Japan’s POP Magazine seem a bit desperate, no?

Bionic Woman: Christina Aguilera

Article: Bionic Woman: Christina Aguilera

I find it funny that while a Christina Aguilera backlash occurs across the county, fueled by the venom of Perez Hilton, that I am seeing the singer’s talent much more clearly. A few months ago had you mentioned Xtina and Gaga in the same sentence I would have most definitely opined on the subject. Gaga was the clear star. The new winner. The heir apparent to Madonna. She was smarter in her pop references than Xtina, she could actually sing, Ms. Spears, and she was not created by a record company. She created her own looks. And songs. And hooks.

La Isla Alejandro

Article: La Isla Alejandro

I appreciate Lady Gaga. Really I do. The pop culture/art/downtown performers/drag references in her work often make me giggle, sometime make me wince, but also make me think that’s she’s pretty bright for someone her age. What I don’t like about Gaga, and what I think Madonna did effortlessly, is that she seems incapable of…

Who is iamamiwhoami?

Article: Who is iamamiwhoami?

The internet is abuzz over the videos posted to the YouTube channel “iamamiwhoami.” Released, many think, as a marketing campaign to build buzz about an upcoming music release, the three videos debuted so far are dark and creepy. The music is electronic and pulsing. And the guesses included the obvious, Goldfrapp and Marilyn Manson. However,…

Martin Scorsese's Shine a Light Trailer

Article: Martin Scorsese's Shine a Light Trailer

Mini-flurry of Rolling Stones happenings today: First, there’s news that London-based 7Digital will be the first online outlet to offer the entire Stones catalogue in DRM-free format [], and in a sweet spot of synchronicity, Scorsese’s “Shine A Light” trailer popped up online, too. No “No Direction Home”, this one focuses instead on recent concert…