Sailing the chocolate seas

Article: Sailing the chocolate seas

Ever think about giving up chocolate for the good of the planet? Nah, me neither – some sacrifices are too great! Despite having such a captive market, though, chocolate makers from the corporate giants to small-scale artisan operations have looked for ways to reduce their environmental and social impact. Organic cocoa beans and Fair Trade farming operations have become standard on this front, but two chocolatiers, one American, one British, have gone to an extreme to cut their footprints: they’re having either supplies or product delivered by sailing ships.

Eat Chocolate, Pray, Love

Article: Eat Chocolate, Pray, Love

We’re suckers for a good Kickstarter project — all that hope and passion and entrepreneurship, and you can be part of it for less than the cost of a dinner out. The most recent one we heard of is called The Placebo Chocolate Effect (we’re fans based on the name alone). The story reads like the dude version of Eat, Pray, Love: Daniel Jacobs set off on a trip around the world in search of a cure for a deep sadness he felt (hang in there, it gets better). Along the way he met a bunch of people who inspired him, including an old lady in Scotland who gave him a “prescription” for love — actually it was just these words scribbled on a piece of paper: “Take this love I give you, use it as often as you need, and share it when you are ready.” After meditating in Spain, volunteering at an orphanage in Guatemala, building a sustainable farm in Argentina, and writing beside painters in Chile (we’re not kidding), Daniel finally found love (of course he did), and then he discovered that love had been inside him all along (of course it was).

Marital harmony: the three F's vs the three C's

Article: Marital harmony: the three F's vs the three C's

We posted an article recently about cohabitation — it contained suggestions on how to avoid the transition from boyfriend-girlfriend to roommates who spoon and fart a lot once you move in. And it set off quite a debate in the comments section about what exactly men vs. women (or is it men and women?) need when it comes to sustaining romance amid piles of bills and laundry. We’re excerpting the debate here to see where the rest of you fall when it comes to the three F’s… or the three C’s. (There has to be at least one guy out there who wants chocolate-chocolate-chocolate…right?)


Article: CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, electronica-style

The YouTube user Fagottron is a hugely talented musician and video editor who’s been putting out amazing rhythmic edits of classic-film footage and putting a dance beat underneath them. His latest is the one below, based on the original CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. It’s not quite as good as the incredible MARY POPPINS edit…

Green tech finds (5/7/09)

Article: Green tech finds (5/7/09)

In the spirit of Em and Lo’s “Naked News,” here’s a run-down of some of the latest green technology stories to come across the wires… not as hot, but definitely safe for work!

Green on the go: 3rdWhale and Creative Citizen have developed a new iPhone app: the “Creative Solution” for sustainable living. Track your eco-friendly efforts, as well as the tangible benefits (savings of energy, water, and even money). Download the app for free. (via MNN)

At the Helm – Mast Brothers Chocolate

Article: At the Helm – Mast Brothers Chocolate

Making chocolate isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work to make a little cocoa nib good enough to use, especially if your standards are as high as Rick and Michael Mast’s, the chocolate artisans behind Brooklyn-based operation Mast Brothers Chocolate. Brooklyn has seen a steady rise in the number of purveyors of farm-to-table goods,…