Top 10 most awkward family moments

Article: Top 10 most awkward family moments

Regardless of the season, it’s always important to make time for family. And with family comes some of the most awkward, amusing, cringe-worthy or downright creepy moments on film. This selection, including the much-loved SIDEWAYS, covers some of the best and most guffaw-inducing moments imaginable, from a talk about the birds and the bees to lying to mom to something perhaps even a bit weirder…

Chinatown couple saves Banksy

Article: Chinatown couple saves Banksy

There’s an irony that has accompanied Banksy’s fame which makes his graffiti a target for churlish defacement, as seen in this recent example where someone splashed yellow paint on one of Banksy’s newer pieces in San Francisco. It’s reminiscent of the anonymous splasher who riveted the New York street art community and the blogosphere back…