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Science Class

Article: Science Class

This year the Alfred P. Sloan award, which is bestowed on “a feature film focusing on science or technology as a theme, or depicting a scientist, engineer or mathematician as a major character,” went this year to Alex Rivera’s SLEEP DEALER. The jury – which included filmmaker Michael Polish, technology writer Evan I. Schwartz [], Benedict Schwegler (chief scientist of Walt Disney Imagineering), John Underkoffler (Oblong Industries), and Alan Alda –– recognized the film “for its visionary and humane tale of a young man grappling with a technological future in which neural implants, telerobotics and ubiquitous computing serve a global economy rife with fundamental challenges and opportunities, and for its powerful and original storytelling and direction.”

Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: CITIES #1

Article: Weekly Theme on THE GREEN: CITIES #1

Modern day life seems to revolve around cities. The vast majority of Americans live in cities. Do we enjoy piling up on top of each other in tiny apartments, almost like a hive of insects? Even though the answer is probably no, cities still resemble “concrete jungles”, a phrase coined in the famous Guns &…