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Songs from “Rectify” Episode 203 (Charlie Darwin)

Article: Songs from “Rectify” Episode 203 (Charlie Darwin)

Gabriel Mann’s original score provides the majority of RECTIFY’s soundtrack, but music supervisor Linda Cohen works alongside creator Ray McKinnon to pick just the right outside tracks for certain special moments. Just one song was included in this week’s episode, but it’s high profile.

“RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 3 (Charlie Darwin)

Article: “RECTIFY” Recap: Episode 3 (Charlie Darwin)

Daniel sees a tree branch fall in his neighbor’s driveway. He walks outside and stares intently at the limb.

Amantha frets over Daniel, who is still weak from the attack. Daniel sends her on a mission to fetch fritters from the local bakery.

Janet tells Ted Sr. that she wants to renovate the kitchen with Daniel. She bristles when he says they don’t have enough money.

At the bakery, the cashier tells Amantha she’s glad that Bobby was arrested. Amantha’s jaw drops at the news.