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Two end-of-year docs as antidote to holidays

Article: Two end-of-year docs as antidote to holidays

Are you craving to counteract all that holiday cheer with some good old-fashioned documentary depression? Never fear, two hard-hitters are still in theatres and soon to be on-demand or in your queue. I saw them both in recent weeks and while both hold their end of the bargain to keep up the doc-is-downer reputation, one is a far more complex experience than the other. (By the way, doc had a good year – with CATFISH, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, I’M STILL HERE – filmmakers soon may be able to ditch the downer syndrome and engage nonfiction for what it should be – more diverse in approach, content, tone and negotiation with ‘truth.’) I’m speaking here of INSIDE JOB (Charles Ferguson) and WAITING FOR SUPERMAN (Davis Guggenheim).

Update: A Sad Sight: Iraq At Sundance

Article: Update: A Sad Sight: Iraq At Sundance

UPDATE: GHOSTS OF ABU GHRAIB had an exciting year with its nominations for three Emmys including: Outstanding Directing, Picture Editing, and Sound Editing for Nonfiction Programming, and winning the Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Special. “Not only does the film thoroughly and skillfully explain the context in which something as heinous as Abu Ghraib could happen, it attempts to understand the psychology of those involved.” – James Greenberg (Hollywood Reporter)