Porcelain chairs

Article: Porcelain chairs

I’m endlessly fascinated by sculptures that utilize trompe l’oeil, which is why I love this line of 9 chairs by Sam Durant and handmade by talented people at the Jiao Zhi studio in Xiamen, China. Durant adopts those widely used and familiar “mono-block resin chairs” and remakes them out of porcelain. The artist explains that no single company holds patents or copyrights on the the methods, techniques, or design of these chairs which are easily mass produced. These factors explain the chairs ubiquity as “probably the cheapest and most universal piece of furniture, found in nearly every country in the world.” With his chairs, the artist is conveying a multitude of criticisms and comments, which I think is worth reading in full:

Veronika Wildgruber chairs

Article: Veronika Wildgruber chairs

I love the trompe l’oeil effect of these chairs by designer Veronika Wildgruber from her “soft wood” series that appear to be made of soft cushiony fabric. [In] reality they are sculpted in solid wood. The chairs trick the mind because the surface and texture connotes the opposite of what we think and know about…