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Green tech finds (5/21/09)

Article: Green tech finds (5/21/09)

It’s Thursday again… here’s some of the notable green tech news from the week.

Keep an eye on renewable energy developments in your area? Build Baby Build’s Greenspotter contest gives you an opportunity to win some cool energy monitoring equipment for your photos of those projects.
Not sure where to find a nearby recycling location? Earth 911′s new iPhone app provides locations, directions, and a list of accepted materials.

Switchgrass Ethanol Yields Large Net Energy Gain

Article: Switchgrass Ethanol Yields Large Net Energy Gain

LINCOLN, Nebraska, January 8, 2008 – (ENS) – Switchgrass grown for biofuel production produced five times more energy than needed to grow, harvest and process it into cellulosic ethanol, finds a large farm study by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln published Monday. The five year study also found greenhouse gas emissions from cellulosic ethanol…