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The Homosexuals

Article: The Homosexuals

In 1967 Mike Wallace and CBS News did a special report on The Homosexuals. Seen above in its entirety the report shows outdated views and attitudes towards gays in the US. The Advocate uncovered this report recently and though originally I was upset by its nature, I now sit here with a completely different attitude. It shows just how far we’ve come in a rather short period of time. I look forward to what we’ll be saying forty years from now. Hopefully, today’s attitudes will seem just as unbelievable as this report seems today.

To Call It or Not to Call It

Article: To Call It or Not to Call It

Networks face a huge dilemma tonight: do they join the race to be the first news organization to call the election at the risk of forgoing accuracy or do they play it safe at the risk of losing credibility for looking the other way when there is obviously a clear winner, even if the ballots…

Two New Mammals Found in Remote New Guinea

Article: Two New Mammals Found in Remote New Guinea

Mammalogist Martua Sinaga holds this 1.4 kg giant rat, a species that is probably new to science. (Photo by Bruce Beehler courtesy Conservation International) ARLINGTON, Virginia, December 18, 2007 (ENS) – A miniscule possum and an enormous rat were recorded by scientists as probable new species on a recent expedition to a remote and virtually…