Amanda Lepore channels Monroe

Article: Amanda Lepore channels Monroe

AMANDA LEPORE “Marilyn” featuring CAZWELL directed by LEO HERRERA from Leo Herrera on Vimeo.

Amanda Lepore is the world’s most famous transsexual. And she’s proud of it. When you call Mandy’s cell phone and get her voicemail she coos that she has a “fully functioning vagina.” No. Seriously. She does.

Cazwell's Ice Cream Truck

Article: Cazwell's Ice Cream Truck

If you’re like me, with a hankering for ice cream, primary colors, and Latino go-go boys, then you’re going to love, love, love the above video. It is almost safe for work. I said almost. Cazwell is a gay white rapper and a NYC-nightlife fixture. Typically he’s seen running around town with Amanda Lepore. But…