New memes: Shaming man's best friend, plus Mitt goes little

Article: New memes: Shaming man's best friend, plus Mitt goes little

For a while there was a popular meme involving cats and slices of bread. That might be a reason to give up the Internet entirely, but some (bored?) cat owners began photographing their cats with slices of bread worn around their seemingly content furry feline heads. Well, now (disobedient) dogs are in the meme spotlight. Dog owners have been submitting photos of their misbehaving pooches with signs explaining their misdeed over at Dog Shaming. Hey, dogs that dig through the trash: Just because you are known as “man’s best friend” doesn’t exclude you from taking responsibility for naughty behavior. That said, it is tough to stay mad too long at these dogs — aw, look at that face!

"Political Animals" indeed: Cat elected mayor in rural Alaska

Article: "Political Animals" indeed: Cat elected mayor in rural Alaska

As the new USA Network miniseries Political Animals is reminding us, politics can get rather catty. Clearly based on a highly fictionalized version of Hillary Clinton’s life, the drama is full of snappy lines, strong women and, of course, Sigourney Weaver as Hillary stand-in Elaine Barrish. The claws come when she spars with Susan Berg, a reporter determined to climb back into the spotlight while fighting the snark-laden world of Washington politics. We always enjoy seeing a good cat fight in the political arena, but let’s not forget the real cats in politics.

It's a great day if you like Mancunian bands…and stupid videos on the web

Article: It's a great day if you like Mancunian bands…and stupid videos on the web

reunion tour), their music lives on in the insane videos we like to watch on the interwebz. Case in point? Two gems we stumbled across today from The Smiths and Joy Division.

Balancing dogs vs Balanced dogs

Article: Balancing dogs vs Balanced dogs

“Now, tell me… who owns the Internet?” asked @sfsutcliffe on Twitter to which I replied “Cats and 4Chan.” This is largely true, but occasionally dogs get their time in the meme spotlight as is the case with Tiger, possibly the most patient Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog mix in the world. Tiger has his own popular Tumblr “Food on My Dog” and like its title explains Tiger patiently allows his owner, Andrew to put all manners of food on its head. And for some reason the Internet is loving this. You do not ask why a meme happens, but you just learn to accept it. When I initially saw this I thought this was a bit torturous for Tiger but after reading Andrew’s explanation it makes me wonder just who is training whom.

Green (and quirky) pet products

Article: Green (and quirky) pet products

We pet people can be particular about the products we purchase for our furry (or feathered or scaly) friends. We not only want products that work, but that also make our pets happy and comfortable. So, when the team at Quirky works with a concept for a better retractable dog leash tonight, dog owners might want to take a look – and keep an eye out for the Kosoku leash at your favorite pet supply store.

Charles Dickens' bizarre letter opener

Article: Charles Dickens' bizarre letter opener

The New York Public Library has one of the more bizarre artifacts of our literary past that I’ve seen. Apparently Charles Dickens loved his pet cat Bob, and to remember the feline when he passed away, the famed author “took one of Bob’s paws, had it stuffed and slapped it on a letter opener.” Feel…

Cuckoo Cats

Article: Cuckoo Cats

Absolutely Cuckoo Cats from SINLOGO on Vimeo. Yes, I know stupid cat videos and pictures have haunted the Internet for, like, um, ever. But this video just has me giggling like a big ole’ sissy. Set to The Magnetic Fields’”Absolutely Cuckoo,” the film shows three silly synchronized felines bobbing their heads to the music. I…

Cats who look like Ron Swanson

Article: Cats who look like Ron Swanson

Cats Who Look Like Ron Swanson is a meme that combines two of the Internets favorite things: cats and Ron Swanson. And if you still haven’t watched Parks and Recreation, I suggest you do so immediately unless you enjoy living a life devoid of laughter. Also, here’s one of the show’s breakout stars Aziz Ansari…

I can has gay wedding

Article: I can has gay wedding

We usually hate anything that anthropomorphizes cuddly animals in some inanely cute way, like with tuxedos or having them work at a desk  or some shit like that (you know, the kind of stuff your mom forwards to you and her entire address book, NOT bcc’d). But we can’t resist this particular case, since it…

Snap your fingers to THE CAT PIANO

Article: Snap your fingers to THE CAT PIANO

The Cat Piano from PRA on Vimeo. Winner of numerous awards and the latest from an innovative Australian studio, The People’s Republic of Animation, THE CAT PIANO is a beautifully animated short that blends Jack Kerouac-inspired beat poetry with the romantic and haunting poems of Edgar Allen Poe. It is directed by Eddie White and…

Meet Maru, the Japanese LOLCat

Article: Meet Maru, the Japanese LOLCat

Maru, a Japanese pet cat with a personality to match his paunchy size, has become a feline phenomenon on the Interwebs with legions of fans and millions of views of his antics on YouTube. Furthermore, he is also the recipient of a 2008 YouTube video award. Why? Among other zany tendencies (like walking around with…