Original GODFATHER casting list

Article: Original GODFATHER casting list

Here’s a treat for fans of one of the most iconic gangland films ever: The original casting list for GODFATHER from director Francis Ford Coppola’s notes.

Black Cat open call, 1961

Article: Black Cat open call, 1961

A friend recently complained to me: “Matt, you don’t post enough cat-related things on SUNfiltered.” So here’s a pawesome photo for all you cat people: for the film TALES OF HORROR, which would feature three short Edgar Allan Poe stories including “The Black Cat,” an open casting call was held for the role of the…black…

Photo series of reality TV hopefuls

Article: Photo series of reality TV hopefuls

“Reality Wanted” is an ongoing project by former Star Magazine art director and now photographer David Kimelman, who is photo-documenting “a series of portraits of individuals who hope to be cast on a reality television show.” He provides minimal direction to each subject and none with regards to pose or their clothing. As a result,…

1987 Star Trek casting recommendation memo

Article: 1987 Star Trek casting recommendation memo

From the film archives, Letters of Note unearthed this April 1987 production memo of casting recommendations for Star Trek: The Next Generation. It reads like some episode where the Starfleet discovered a bizarro parallel universe where Reggie Jackson and Wesley Snipes served the Federation.