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Cary Grant at BAM, round 2

Article: Cary Grant at BAM, round 2

Cary Grant attempts to pass as a woman in I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE.
Cray Grant lovers rejoice. There are still two more weeks to catch BAM’s second ode to Hollywood’s most charismatic leading man. I seem to remember last year’s line up featuring more of his better known films, and while this month’s screening schedule certainly hits all the high notes with films like CHARADE, NOTORIOUS, BRINGING UP BABY and AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, it also includes some of his lesser known roles, including some films not available on DVD. Take today’s screening, the off-kilter, family friendly ONCE UPON A TIME, which features Grant as a struggling theatrical producer who discovers a young orphan with a dancing caterpillar. Buyer beware, the dancing caterpillar is the crux of the entire film, and Grant delivers all the passion and drama usually devoted to more plausible plots to one little, wriggling worm he’s convinced will lift people up out of their dreary war-ridden lives.

Tribute to a leading man

Article: Tribute to a leading man

Not long after Archibald Leach’s mother was placed in a mental institution by his father and told only that she had gone away on a long holiday, young Archie ran away and joined the circus at age sixteen. Fourteen years later, at age 28, he changed his name to Cary Grant and landed his first…