Doonesbury's controversial pro-choice strip

Article: Doonesbury's controversial pro-choice strip

This week’s Doonesbury comic (in five installments over the course of the week) is taking a harsh, satirical look at how Republican legislation all across America (specifically in Texas) is undermining women’s reproductive rights — and many papers are either refusing to run it at all or else moving it to their editorial pages.

5 (other) Sundance films that would make awesome cartoons

Article: 5 (other) Sundance films that would make awesome cartoons

When I heard that Sundance Film Festival alum and total cult classic NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE was going to be made into a Fox cartoon, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Holy 2004, did I time travel back to high school?!’ However, when I found out that the show was going to feature the exact same cast as the movie, I thought: hey, this might be pretty funny, I’m glad Jon Heder has nothing else to do but voice a character he played eight years ago. I like Jon Heder, especially when he played that psychic in that Mark Ruffalo flop “Here On Earth.” He deserves to have some more fame and fortune (and hopefully he will with his return trip to Sundance in FOR ELLEN)! So does that guy Pedro. Sure, the movie might be a bit aged, but it still has enough one-liners and catch phrases to be quoted on Facebook profiles, and I still laugh sadly every time I think about a liger, so hey, why not? And why stop there? Here are some other cartoon ideas for past Sundance Film Festival hits, because you never know what might be adapted next:

9/11 StoryCorps animations from the Rauch Brothers

Article: 9/11 StoryCorps animations from the Rauch Brothers

The 9/11 media blitz is well under way, and will rise steadily by the hour until we hit total saturation on Sunday. I’ve been subjecting myself to quite a bit already, ranging from news analysis to anecdotal retellings. Regarding the latter, NPR certainly knows how to go to the heart of the emotional matter, but it’s been this series of Rauch Brother animations that have so far been the most resonant material for me. The Rauch’s have basically created a visual to a selection of 9/11 StoryCorps interviews, part of the oral history project which, amongst many other goals, aims to record one interview for every life lost. If you haven’t encountered StoryCorp before, it’s fantastic. Members of the public simply book an appointment and then bring a friend or loved one to a roving StoryCorp “booth” for an interview about his or her life. The StoryCorp site features edited excerpts from these interviews, categorized by topic. And, as one might imagine, there’s a sizable 9/11 section. The Rauch Brothers use their playful style for these heartbreaking stories, lending them an extraordinarily moving, as well as surreal effect; We’re watching cartoons suffer, for Godssake.

Cartoon characters in famous paintings

Article: Cartoon characters in famous paintings

I hate that I can’t find out who credit goes to for these clever photoshops of popular cartoon characters interjected into famous paintings. My favorite is the above pun of Winslow Homer’s oil painting “The Fog Warning” (1885). If anyone knows who is responsible for this awesomeness, let me know!

Literal New Yorker cartoon captions

Article: Literal New Yorker cartoon captions

My new favorite website for high-brow chuckles: Literal New Yorker Cartoon Captions. [Via]

RIP Leo Cullum, New Yorker cartoonist

Article: RIP Leo Cullum, New Yorker cartoonist

Leo Cullum, a New Yorker cartoonist for 33 years (and a TWA pilot for 30 years) passed away on October 23. He was 68. You may not immediately recognize his name, but most SunFiltered readers I’m sure have chuckled at more than a few of his 819 cartoons published in the magazine. By the 1980s…

Buggy cartoons

Article: Buggy cartoons

This might not be something you want to read or look at while eating, but World Famous Design Junkies posted a collection of macabre, yet humorous doodles involving dead flies, as well as the occasional bee and moth. They can’t seem to locate the author of these cartoons and enlisted the help of the Internet…

Vanity Smurf and other queer cartoons

Article: Vanity Smurf and other queer cartoons

As a child of the 80s I was obsessed with three things: Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, and Vanity Smurf. Um, yeah. You do the math.

Out Magazine has listed the The Gayest Cartoon Characters of all time. And, yes, Vanity Smurf is represented on the list.