The perfect New Yorker cartoon

Article: The perfect New Yorker cartoon

My friend Casey shared on Facebook the cool news that one of his friends had a cartoon published in the latest issue of The New Yorker, the holy grail of publications that feature cartoons (at least in my eyes!). It reminds me of this wonderful essay by the New Yorker Cartoon editor Bob Mankoff on what he considers to be “the perfect cartoon” which was drawn by Chon Day in 1946 (seen above) and selected from the thousands published in their magazine. At first glance I found it relatively unexceptional, but the brilliance of the cartoon, as Mankoff explains, is the subtlety of its dark humor which is achieved with a high degree of difficulty.

Roger Ebert's winning New Yorker caption

Article: Roger Ebert's winning New Yorker caption

After years of submitting his punchline to The New Yorker’s caption contest found in each issue, film critic Roger Ebert finally won after 107 attempts with the above entry to the accompanying cartoon. Of course, not every winner gets a write-up by the magazine’s cartoon editor Robert Mankoff who shared some of Ebert’s previous entries. My juvenile alter-ego found the one below, which didn’t get past the cartoon censors, plane-ly hysterical. Congrats Mr. Ebert!

Chuck & Beans on Halloween

Article: Chuck & Beans on Halloween

This always happens to me every Halloween. Memo to self: Get to costume store asap.

New New Pornographers Video – "Myriad Harbour"

Article: New New Pornographers Video – "Myriad Harbour"

It’s Valentine’s Day, lovers, and it only seems right to get it started with some Porn. We recently took a closer look at Dan Bejar’s excellent “Trouble in Dreams” [] and now thanks to director Mark Lamond, we can take a closer look at the kaleidoscopic, gripping attributes of his fantastic beard. It’s a surrealist’s…