The most beautiful images on Google Street View

Article: The most beautiful images on Google Street View

I’m a big fan of artist Jon Rafman’s one part detective and one part curatorial digital project, 9 Eyes. He scours Google’s Street View and other blogs to find and compile compelling snapshots of what he writes “captures what Cartier-Bresson titled “the decisive moment,” as if I were a photojournalist responding instantaneously to an emerging…

Magnum sells its archive to Dell

Article: Magnum sells its archive to Dell

One of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s iconic photographs in the Magnum archives.

Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer, just bought something big. Along with two other investors he purchased the entire archives of Magnum Photos, over 185,000 prints, for an undisclosed amount. Magnum Photos, founded by photographers Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson (among others) in 1947, relied for many years on the revenue generated from newspaper and magazine licensing, but as newspaper and magazines declined and the move to digital is more or less complete, their capital sunk to the point that they were forced to put their entire archive up for auction – the prints only, not licensing or resale rights.