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All the crazy things you can do Carsten Höller's New Museum "Experience"

Article: All the crazy things you can do Carsten Höller's New Museum "Experience"

If you’re in the NYC area and want to check out the Carsten Höller exhibit at the New Museum this weekend, here’s a word of advice: You should walk outside, hail a cab and get in line, because otherwise you won’t be in the building before Monday morning. I’m only slightly exaggerating, but after two attempts at “beating the crowd,” I found myself shivering in the cold on both occasions, defeated by 2 hour + wait times. So no, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of riding Höller’s 2-story slide (which required serious renovations to the SANAA-designed structure to install), but as soon as I do, I’ll amend this post with a description of exactly how afraid I was. In the meantime, here are a few of the “sensory experiences” we can get excited about together:

Trip out on "Soma"

Article: Trip out on "Soma"

Some call it brilliant and beautiful, and others the most boring case of animal exploitation ever. Love it or hate it, Carsten Höller’s “Soma” is an impressive feat of installation art/living museum exhibit. Situated in the train station turned gallery space at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, “Soma” explores the myth of the drink of the same name that originated amongst the nomadic tribes or Northern India around 2000 BCE. The main ingredient is the fly amanita mushroom (those are the ones that look like red and white polka-dotted fairytale toadstools), which supposedly possess healing properties and give the drinker access to enlightenment and “the divine sphere.”