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Green tech finds (6/9/11)

Article: Green tech finds (6/9/11)

The original electric cars, a solar-powered train tunnel, and geothermal energy harvesting that also sequesters carbon… your green tech finds for the week.

Big battery breakthrough?: Researchers at MIT are redesigning batteries as “semi-solid flow cells,” which could eliminate charging time issues for electric cars, as well as provide viable storage of energy generated from renewable sources. (via Grist)
Solar-powered train tunnel opens in Belgium: A two-mile stretch of train tunnel near Antwerp is now covered with solar panels, and will provide electricity for both high-speed and inter-city rail links, as well as a train station. (via AOL Travel)

Carbon Trapping or Is It Carbon Wasting?

Article: Carbon Trapping or Is It Carbon Wasting?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) announced that they have concluded a first draft of a carbon trapping rules. These rules would require smokestack owners to filter the emissions from their smokestacks and create liquified CO2 that could be stored underground. Granted, preventing pollution is a must, but in these troubled economic times in America, isn’t…