Halloween treats for conscious trick-or-treaters

Article: Halloween treats for conscious trick-or-treaters

Kids all over are looking forward to trick-or-treating or Halloween parties this coming Sunday: dress up in a cool costume, get lots of candy… what could be better? If you’re a parent raising your child on a organic, vegan, kosher, or otherwise specialized diet, Halloween can be hell, though… not only do you need to check candy for tampering, but also for meeting the dietary guidelines you’ve established for your children.

Epicure Office Snacks : Turn junk food into gourmet meals

Article: Epicure Office Snacks : Turn junk food into gourmet meals

Emilie Baltz gets creative with junk food found in offices or vending machines. She combines them to make decidedly gross gourmet creations such as Truffled Berry Praline Purses (Reese’s peanut butter cups, fruit roll-up, potato chips), Tom Khaa Ramen (Instant shrimp cup-of-ramen, Mounds bar, ketchup), Mocha Nougat Fondant (Mounds bar, instant coffee, Snickers bar, hot…

Candy faces

Article: Candy faces

Ashkan Honarvar’s latest effort in his “Faces” series involved digitally altering portraits so they appear to be grotesquely defaced. And by grotesque I actually mean delicious because these faces were in fact disfigured with candy. [Hat tip: Annie]

Giant gummy bear

Article: Giant gummy bear

I just today started looking for Christmas gifts. Recently I stumbled upon Papabubble’s pop-up shop in Cappellini and I was all set to get my friends and family avant-garde candy confections for Christmas. And I most likely still will. However, this gorgeous, sugary mammal was just brought to my attention. And I am smitten. Some…

What to do with leftover Halloween candy?

Article: What to do with leftover Halloween candy?

What’s one to do with all that leftover candy from Halloween trick or treating? Turn them into a delicious treat with this non-serious baking trick suggested over at Serious Eats. Dump all the extra candy you couldn’t finish into a pie and let it all melt together (recipe here). Feel free to then submit a…

More candy art (in Boston)

Article: More candy art (in Boston)

On display through the end of this month at the Bunker Hill Community College’s art gallery is a group show “Eat the Art.” As the theme implies the artwork on display is (deliciously) food inspired. If you don’t know what to do with all those extra jelly beans leftover from trick or treating, try building…

Science of candy

Article: Science of candy

Artist and New York Times contributor Kevin Van Aelst finds a way to put all that Halloween candy swag to good educational and artsy use. Not that shoveling as many Raisinets as you can into your mouth (37) isn’t educational per se, but Van Aelt’s gummy bear periodic table and gummy worm chromosomes are a bit more visually appealing to look at. Check out his website for more of his fantastic and clever work.

100 ways to kill a Peep

Article: 100 ways to kill a Peep

Marshmallow Peeps are like a pair of of Crocs sandals; you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I belong to the latter group. Nothing against Peeps on a personal level, but I just prefer my Easter candy to be in the shape of a chocolate creme-filled egg (no, this is not a “viral” post sponsored…

At the Helm – Mast Brothers Chocolate

Article: At the Helm – Mast Brothers Chocolate

Making chocolate isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work to make a little cocoa nib good enough to use, especially if your standards are as high as Rick and Michael Mast’s, the chocolate artisans behind Brooklyn-based operation Mast Brothers Chocolate. Brooklyn has seen a steady rise in the number of purveyors of farm-to-table goods,…