Top 10 things to sneak into a movie

Article: Top 10 things to sneak into a movie

Photo credit: Wahlander (Flickr)

Sneaking things into a movie is as American as having a fireworks show on top of a monster truck with Springsteen playing from an eight-track on July 4th in a really old film about freedom. That probably has something to do with the bizarre micro-economy of movie theaters, a place where soda and popcorn are very precious and priced accordingly, and 99-cent candy costs 8 bucks.

President Obama, the birthday cake giver

Article: President Obama, the birthday cake giver

“Commander-in-Chief,” “POTUS,” “Mr. President,” “Leader of the Free World,” “Yes We Can-er,” and “Cool Dude” are among the more familiar titles on President Obama’s business cards, but did you know he also goes by “Mr. Birthday Cake Giver?” Bon AppĂ©tit compiled a delicious photo gallery of pictures snapped by White House chief photographer Pete Souza of the President presenting birthday cakes (and the occasional candlelit cupcake) to various people, which is apparently a bit of a tradition. These socialist pastry ceremonies have taken place from everywhere from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to Camp David to Air Force One. This blog entry at Obama Foodorama (brilliant name) has a comprehensive write-up on this presidential gesture as well as the context behind some of the photos. The best photo, of course, is this one (below) of President Obama scolding Vice President Biden for dropping crumbs in the Oval Office. Bad Biden! Bad!

Steve Carrell's farewell cake

Article: Steve Carrell's farewell cake

Rainn Wilson blogged (sidebar: kind of tech-y awesome that he uses Posterous…) a photo of this sweet and fitting farewell cake NBC gave Steve Carrell at his going away party (as we all sadly know this is his last season on The Office). As Rainn tweeted to mark the moment: “…And the angels of comedy…

Thanksgiving all-in-one cake

Article: Thanksgiving all-in-one cake

Since the end of Halloween means it’s open season for retailers to shove their Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday sales and promotions down consumers oh-so-eager throats, it’s not too early to share this Thanksgiving-related item. What you’re seeing is not just a cake. No sir. It’s a cake that includes practically all the main fixings of…

Let them eat divorce cake

Article: Let them eat divorce cake

We use food to celebrate – or get us through – lots of occasions. There’s candy on Halloween, turkey for Thanksgiving, and cake for birthdays, weddings and now…divorces. That’s right, the newest trend in the cake-making biz is the divorce cake. Yeah, it’s hokey, and I can’t actually imagine anyone signing their divorce papers and heading to the bakery to order a custom cake, but it’s a whole lot more civilized than sitting on the couch with a bag of M&Ms and a gallon of ice cream.