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BUTT Relaunches

Article: BUTT Relaunches

Jop and Gert, the dynamic duo behind BUTT, the high-art/lowbrow magazine, are at it again. BUTT’s relaunched and it’s looking pretty rad. I especially love their Fag Maps. Yes, you read that correctly, FAG MAPS, an interactive map to various cities highlighting BUTT reporter’s favorite hangouts. According to those guys “starting today, this fabulous community…


Article: BUTT TV

I have written here about my love of the Ace Hotel. It is casual yet polished. It can be a wild time, but also peaceful. And it is the hotel with the hottest visitors. Don’t trust me? Check out the Palm Springs pool or the NYC lobby for proof. It is also the gayest hotel…

Gays with beards say a little prayer

Article: Gays with beards say a little prayer

I think I am the only queer in the universe who is not going nuts over Glee. It’s not that I have anything against Glee, I just don’t have the time to sit down and watch TV, unless of course, you’re Larry David. I always make time for Curb Your Enthusiasm. But I am always…

I left my heart at the Ace Hotel

Article: I left my heart at the Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs is a magical place. Sunny year round and designed in a style that has a mid-century vibe, it’s not too glam and not too pretentious as some of Palm Springs’ swankier hotels. I stayed there this weekend and left my heart.