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Vimeo Festival + Awards wrap up: Go out and make a video

Article: Vimeo Festival + Awards wrap up: Go out and make a video

The Vimeo Festival + Awards blew through NYC this weekend, temporarily taking over the IAC Building (and Vimeo HQ) on the Hudson River with cute, young, artsy people and others who watch video online (i.e., a little bit of everyone). Video artists, digital wizards, crack-shot editors, sound mixers and filmmaking hopefuls presented their work in a variety of screenings and presentations, as their peers and admirers crowded the ground floor of IAC and nearby Root Studios to get a peek at what is usually viewable on their computer screens.

It’s curious to note the novelty here–not specifically with regard to a video (as opposed to film) festival per se, but a real-life festival for online video content, and at a time when so so many people are producing it. While YouTube has become the equivalent of being out on the sidewalk and never knowing what’ll hit you (not to mention the crush of ads), viewing material on Vimeo can be likened to the experience of this festival; a more vetted lot of stuff will come your way, still with the thrill of the unexpected, the beautiful, the awry or the just plain twisted.