Vikor Hertz' honest logos

Article: Vikor Hertz' honest logos

Swedish graphic designer Vikor Hertz redesigned logos for popular brands, old and new, to be a bit more accurate. See more here. [Via]

Creator of "I Heart NY" presents two new variations

Article: Creator of "I Heart NY" presents two new variations

The New York Times recently asked readers to submit their own version of the iconic “I Heart NY” icon, but with the twist of remixing it with other brands and logos. You can view the submissions here online. YMMV (your mileage may vary) as some of them are terrific and others…terrible. The 81-year-old design guru…

Delicious brand logos

Article: Delicious brand logos

Italian born, now New York-based photographer Massimo Gammacurta gave the fashion and design blogosphere a sugar rush when he created these sweet lollipops in the shape of various globally recognized logos. These have now been compiled into a book, “Lolli-Pop” and they are also currently on display at the Visionairs Gallery in Paris, France through…