Branding the grid…and beyond

Article: Branding the grid…and beyond

CityMaps is an app that turns the city streets into a logo-emblazoned, alternate reality. And that can be cool, if you are looking for a Starbucks to do your business in. But, it can be horrifying if you are the type of person who thinks you can outsmart the corporatization of everything.

Vintage Coke can designs

Article: Vintage Coke can designs

I know that maintaining “consistency” in a “brand” is “important,” but I wish more companies would play with their packaging, like Coke did at one point as seen in these vintage and still hip cans:

Rebranding General Motors

Article: Rebranding General Motors

Brand strategist Jon Schneider offers two new logo concepts for General Motors as the company looks ahead to a post-bankruptcy future. In addition to communicating to the public that they are a changed company, the logo should also reflect the fact that “the US government now owns 60% of the auto manufacturer.” Concept 1. Concept…