Most amazing cowboy boots ever

Article: Most amazing cowboy boots ever

Fall has definitely arrived in New York City, which means that many women (and a couple guys I know) are dusting off their much maligned Ugg boots. As an alternative piece of footwear, I’m really hoping this cowboy boots-slash-sneaker hybrid catches on this season.

Green tech finds (6/17/10)

Article: Green tech finds (6/17/10)

From low-tech lawn mowing to high-speed rail, we’ve got your run-down of some of the cool green tech stories from the week.

Industrial-strength rainwater harvesting: Seattle-area healthcare laundry service Sterile Surgical Systems has cut their massive water footprint significantly with a combination of rainwater harvesting and water treatment and recycling. (via Seattle Times)
Low-tech trike mower: PrintCollection uncovered a 1984 patent for a pedal-powered lawn mower… perhaps it’s time to bring this one into production (via Buck’s Weird News Blog)