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Sundance Channel will GET TO WORK

Sundance Channel will GET TO WORK

“Everything revolves around attitude. That’s one of the number one reasons why people can’t get jobs.”

-Chase Campbell, Employment Training Specialist

New series GET TO WORK premieres Monday, August 13 at 10:30P E/P

An uncompromising, unfiltered look at the world of joblessness in America through a transformational boot camp

Sundance Channel will premiere the new original non-fiction series GET TO WORK on Monday, August 13, at 10:30PM ET/PT. An unfiltered, uncompromising look at the work of Second Chance in San Diego and the STRIVE program, a workforce training model dedicated to getting America back to work. The hour-long program takes viewers inside the hardcore back-to-work boot camp that serves the chronically unemployed — jobless, directionless and frequently hopeless – people who are just clinging on for survival. In the wake of the economic downturn when unemployment remains high, GET TO WORK offers a fresh approach to real, lasting change. By giving people the tools to take control of their lives, this program transforms them in dramatic and surprising ways. The eight-episode series was filmed at Second Chance in San Diego, a nonprofit and one of the largest and most successful STRIVE partners in the world.