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#undatableinlit: Publishers learn how to use the Internet

Article: #undatableinlit: Publishers learn how to use the Internet

Would you go for this man of few words?
Now that an increase in book sales has officially been reported (5.6% increase in revenue and 4.1% increase in book sales), we can all stop perpetuating the doomsday message that print is dead. No other phrase is guaranteed to irk me (and my fellow fiction grad students) more. Part of the reason those numbers are on the rise is because the publishing industry has finally become web savvy, or at least savvier, by reaching out to readers through a variety of decidedly un-bookish social media outlets like Twitter. Avid Tweeters are a choosy and demanding bunch, though – there are thousands of 140-character blips to read. Publishers have upped their game accordingly, supplying their followers with more than just book announcements and reading event listings.