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Vagina vs. vulva: There's a big difference, people

Article: Vagina vs. vulva: There's a big difference, people

A little more than a month ago we here at (that’d be me, i.e. Lo, and Em) conducted a poll called “Vulva or Vagina?” Readers had two options to choose from (natch):

Vulva: If we’re talking about female external genitalia, this is the anatomically correct and accurate term. (Plus, it sounds nicer.)
Vagina: That’s what everyone calls it. It’s common practice, common knowledge. Nobody calls it vulva. To do so is pretentious.

The "Beautiful Body" project celebrates hot mamas

Article: The "Beautiful Body" project celebrates hot mamas

image: “Self Portrait with My Son 2012″ by Jade Bealle
Because all mamas are hot in their own way, photographer Jade Beall’s new project “A Beautiful Body” invites mothers, both new and old, to celebrate their imperfectly perfect bodies. In a world of airbrushing, Photoshopping and self-loathing, how refreshing! In the coming year she’ll be hitting the road with her now five-month-old son, her partner and her dog in an RV, taking nude and semi-nude portraits of as many women as she can who are interested in participating (and there are a lot!). We recently asked her to tell us more…

My Body Gallery

Article: My Body Gallery

My Body Gallery is a new online photo collecting project with this goal: “to help women objectively see what we look like, break the pact of silence around ‘weight’ and come to some acceptance that we are all beautiful.” The idea is that all sorts of real women upload full-body images of themselves (their faces obscured if they so desire; no nudity) and input their height, weight, shape (pear, banana, apple, or hourglass) and clothing sizes.

Should you shave your legs?

Article: Should you shave your legs?

We’re in the deep, dead of winter, buried beneath feet and feet of snow — unless you’re one of those lucky bitches who can go on vacation in the Caribbean every February, your legs haven’t seen the light of day in months. To the horror of some but the understanding of many, female leg hair…

Yet another reason we're glad we were '80s children

Article: Yet another reason we're glad we were '80s children

Remember back when Madonna was first huge, in the ’80s, and girls who wanted to be just like her wore black rubber bracelets up to their elbows and multiple crucifixes, even if they were Jewish? It seems almost quaint now that girls are wearing imported, illegal contact lenses that may damage their eyesight, just to look like Lady Gaga. (She wears them in her “Bad Romance” video.) The lenses cover not just the irises, but also part of the whites of the eyes, giving girls a wide-eyed, innocent, anime look — the eyes look impossibly large. Yeah, we all looked like idiots in our ’80s Madonna get-ups, but at least there wasn’t a chance we’d go blind from it. Geez.

Gay “Bears” Continue Their Jamboree

Article: Gay “Bears” Continue Their Jamboree

One of the best things about being gay is that if you find yourself getting all fat and hairy, you can just call yourself a “bear” and become part of a highly desirable subculture of the subculture. It’s actually a step up from being just an average gay!

And if you haven’t gotten fat but still want to be a bear, that’s OK too. The term “bear” doesn’t necessarily connote someone with extra poundage, as long as the pounds you’ve got aren’t shaved, and as long as you carry whatever figure you have with the requisite “masculine” demeanor—or at least the appearance of such as you swagger, slug down a beer, chomp on a cigar, and defy anyone to call you names (except “bear”).

Model versus "plus sized" model

Article: Model versus "plus sized" model

This item might be more appropriate for the Full Frontal Fashion blog, but the blogosphere collectively struggles with body image issues which is sparked by things like this: Terry Richardson photographed models Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn, a leading lady among plus size models, wearing the same clothes for V Magazine’s ‘Plus Size’ January 2010…

WTF: Potbellies on dudes are now officially hot

Article: WTF: Potbellies on dudes are now officially hot

photo by Vee Dub Oh, it’s so unfair! We women are held to ridiculous American Apparel size-0 standards (yes, mostly self-imposed, but the media practically makes us do it!), while men get to eat what they want, become chubby, and are still considered cute and even sexy (e.g. Seth Rogen, Zach Galifianakis, Tobey Maguire). To…