BMW Guggenheim Lab says eat local, you wuss

Article: BMW Guggenheim Lab says eat local, you wuss

I eat an apple every single day. I order them from Fresh Direct, and unless I click the ‘organic’ option I get four Granny Smith apples delivered right to my door “fresh” from Chile. Like most people, I rationalize this somehow. “My farmers market is only once a week,” I reassure myself, “and I need apples more than just once and besides, they don’t even have the tart and crisp Granny Smiths that I need and love.” As environmentally aware and responsible as I like to think I am, it didn’t even cross my mind that if a farmer in New York isn’t growing Granny Smith apples, maybe I just don’t get to eat them.

Jeff Koons debuts his BMW art car

Article: Jeff Koons debuts his BMW art car

You don’t have to be a gear head to appreciate Jeff Koons’ design for BMW’s 17th artist collaboration, a tradition dating back to the seventies that includes artists Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg and more recently, Olafur Eliasson. Koons revealed the finished car, an M3 GT2 with a warp-speed striping effect, in France two days ago. Koons will donate his artist fee to a children’s charity, and will double that amount if the car wins.