How to spot a hipster in the wild

Article: How to spot a hipster in the wild

How is it possible that hipsters have been around since the 1940s? (At least according to the OED, which equates the word with “hepcat.” Er, thanks for that.) Even stranger still, how is it possible that hipsters have been around since the 1940s and we still can’t exactly put our finger on what one is? In recent years the hipster even became a subject for academic (or at least highbrow) debate, with the fancy-pants journal n+1 sponsoring an entire symposium called “What Was the Hipster?” which became a book by the same name. Unfortunately we suspect the folks at n+1 of being hipsters in denial, which is why we can’t bear to read their book on the topic.

Occupy Valentine's Day

Article: Occupy Valentine's Day

Hate Valentine’s Day and its corporate overlords? Have we got a site for you: Occupy Valentine’s Day (“Down with Couple-talism!” Get it?). The tumblr was created by Samhita Mukhopadhyay, author of Outdated: Why Dating is Ruining Your Love Life and Executive Editor of Here’s its raison d’etre:

Halloween costume wtf's, emotional vampires & spectrophilia, oh my!

Article: Halloween costume wtf's, emotional vampires & spectrophilia, oh my!

In honor of Halloween, here’s a round up of some fun love & sex stuff from the (spider) web:

What his Halloween costume says about him.
How to spot an emotional vampire.
10 Halloween costumes that should never be sexy.
Favorite spooky movie couples.
20 (more) WTF sexy Halloween costumes….

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Article: Feminist Ryan Gosling

We never really understood the whole Ryan Gosling thing – he seemed kind of like a pompous, pretentious ac-tor with zero sense of humor. That is, until we saw him on Ellen in onesie pajamas on a stationary bike. Boy, were we schooled then. Now we’re on board – well, we’re not on board the crazy train of Gosling fandom, but we’re at the station admiring from afar. For example, we’re not so gaga for Gosling that we could tell you exactly where the whole “Hey Girl” meme came from. (According to Jezebel: “Apparently, the basic concept…

PostSecret tells aliens everything they need to know about (loving) the human race

Article: PostSecret tells aliens everything they need to know about (loving) the human race

Some – okay, most – photo blogs are funny for about as long as it takes you to read their gimmicky title and first post. And others continue to be funny, moving, inspiring, entertaining, or heartbreaking years later, like PostSecret, which is all of these and more. The website is an ongoing community art project where people anonymously submit their secrets on a 4-by-6-inch homemade postcard – and it’s a lovely little uncorrupted corner of the internet. (Not so little, though: They claim to be the largest advertisement-free blog in the world.) Every time we go back to check in on PostSecret, we’re blown away all over again. If we wanted to explain to alien visitors what humans are like, what they need, what they love, and what they fear, we’d send them here. Here are some of our recent faves:

Damn You, Autocorrect!

Article: Damn You, Autocorrect!

The best forwarded email we’ve gotten in a long time is, by far, the collection of ichat and text excerpts from We received the forward in public, which made the sheer joy of secretly reading it all the sweeter: we’re talking uncontrollable, tear-spilling giggles. That’s because autocorrect accidents are, of course, the best when they are sex-related…and totally inappropriate…and between family members, especially parents and their children. Don’t waste a second wondering if these are possibly made up, just enjoy the unbridled horror.

Love letters to VS Naipaul

Article: Love letters to VS Naipaul

A few weeks ago we apprised you of the ridiculous and offensive comments made by Nobel laureate and jackass VS Naipaul — basically that all women writers are ‘sentimental’ and ‘unequal to me’. There have been some great reactions to that old-fashioned fart’s blatant sexism. The latest is writer Joanne Elizabeth Valin’s new blog, Love Letters to VS Naipaul: “On the occasion of his declaration that no woman writer is, has been, or ever could be his equal.” She’s currently collecting and curating “intelligent letters with intelligent content. Be they spiked with vitriol, awash with sentiment, amused to the point of disbelief, or simply bored with the same old argument, your love letters should both inform and entertain.” The first just went up by author Edie Meidav (whose new novel Lola, California we’ll be excerpting here in the next few weeks) and more will be added soon. We asked Valin to elaborate on the criteria for submissions that will make the cut:

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

Article: My Daguerreotype Boyfriend

We’ve been bemoaning the lackadaisical nature of blog creation these days: theme+culled images+captions=instablog! Just as there is a site for every sexual fetish (giantesses, anyone?), there is a site for every combination of mild interests and/or hobbies and/or pet peeves. Last week it was Awesome People Hanging Out Together; this week it’s My Daguerreotype Boyfriend…

Awesome people hanging out together

Article: Awesome people hanging out together

How to Make a Blog 101: pick a theme that can be illustrated in pictures, cull (read: steal) images reflecting that theme from all over the web, caption each image (wit/irony/humor optional). Think Failblog, PeopleOfWalmart, MyBadParent, TooBigForStroller, etc. Some are more clever than others. In fact, success isn’t measured in cleverness, but in whether a…

Guys, crawl out of your "man caves"

Article: Guys, crawl out of your "man caves"

We like the image of Plato’s allegorical cave, but adult sex educator Charlie Glickman calls it the Man Box, or more specifically, the Act-Like-A-Man Box. In a series of blog posts earlier this month, Glickman explained how, in order to be perceived as “real men,” heterosexual guys have to live in a box of strict…


Article: 3eanuts

We should probably post something about the royal spectacle wedding, but fuck it. No love or marriage or sex today. Just existential angst: the genius site posts Peanuts comics without the last panel to reveal just how dark and depressing Charles Schulz’s world view really was: The somber subject matter of Peanuts often goes…

Black & WTF?

Article: Black & WTF?

Every so often a blog surfaces from the mire that is the blogosphere, a blog brilliant in its clarity of voice and its efficacy at conveying the one simple pleasure it was created to purvey. I’m talking about the seemingly effortless genius that is Black and WTF? Created in 2009, Black and WTF? is chock-full of weird and wonderful gems from the eras of black and white photography. The single commonality all these images share is that taken out of context (assuming they had one to begin with) they make absolutely no sense.


Feeling bad about accidentally dropping your kid on his head? will make you feel better immediately. It’s a collection of kid and parent images (culled from various Internet sites as well as submissions) that you won’t see in Parenting Magazine, ranging from the choreographed-for-a-laugh to someone-call-Social-Services-immediately. It’s like if FAILblog had a baby — and that baby was still in its infancy: MyBadParent has only been around for a few months; it can’t allow comments yet; it can’t spell very well; and it’s still figuring out how to tell a joke.

Loving hating Gwyneth

Article: Loving hating Gwyneth

We always knew Gwyneth Paltrow was kind of annoying, but we didn’t realize it was “official” until we read the recent Time magazine review of her new movie “Country Strong,” which wasn’t so much a movie review as it was an account of how much people love to hate this privileged daughter of Hollywood elite…

EuroPopped, for all your crazy European music video needs

Article: EuroPopped, for all your crazy European music video needs

Our L.A. writer friend Charlie Amter recently launched a labor-of-love blog called EUROPOPPED, what he describes as “a little epic sideblog” to “turn on more people to the crazy Euro music vids” he finds every day. And they ARE crazy. Or just foreign. Or maybe something is just getting lost in translation. Whatever the reason,…

We always knew modern design was bad for your love life

Article: We always knew modern design was bad for your love life

The things that once so defined him — shag carpeting, Room & Board sofas, monogamy — now suffocated him. — via

If you’ve ever browsed the pages of, say, Dwell magazine and wondered how the hell anyone could even fart in such an antiseptic environment, let alone have an orgasm, then you’ll love as much as we do. The site is genius in its simplicity: photos from the pages of Dwell magazine and, okay, mostly just Dwell, with one-liner captions guessing at the inner life of the dwellers in question. Sure, we’ve always been proponents of clearing clutter — especially in your bedroom — in order to focus on the task at hand, whether that task is dinner, email, romance, or an orgasm. But there’s lack of clutter and then there’s austere design and architecture that seems to scream, “I DARE you to have fun in here!” A sampling from a world in which “wet spot” is a dirty word after the jump.

Blogging for Solar Schools: fundraising via the blogosphere

Article: Blogging for Solar Schools: fundraising via the blogosphere

Solar systems at elementary and secondary schools create opportunities for reduced energy bills and student education… but they’re also expensive. Even when a school system recognizes the long-term potential for savings, the money just may not be there for the up-front investment.

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and are trying out an innovative method of raising for school solar systems: get bloggers involved.

Pink Mince

Article: Pink Mince

Now that print media is dying and everyone and their mother has a blog, many of us old school bloggers are looking for what’s next. Twitter, perhaps? No. Some other new media outlet? Of course not. We’re bringing back zines.

Nervous Acid's top 50 albums of the 2000s

Article: Nervous Acid's top 50 albums of the 2000s

Norman Brannon is an author who wrote the book The Anti-Matter Anthology: A 1990s Post-Punk & Hardcore Reader. He’s also a musician and blogger. His personal site, Nervous Acid, showcases his thoughts on culture, design, and often times, you guessed it, music. I am a sucker for a list. Don’t get me started. And while Norman…

Dear Old Love…

Article: Dear Old Love…

“Dear Old Love” is a Tumblr blog (celebrating its one-year anniversary) which collects short, anonymous notes to romantic interests both past and present, requited and unrequited. Reading them will crack you up/break your heart/make you wonder if they’re from your own S.O.s or exes: Tuned In — I hope you took acid this past weekend…

Recipe Look: cooking without words

Article: Recipe Look: cooking without words

For visual learners, like myself, using cookbooks can be troublesome. All those words and no pictures? This is not how I learn or work. It is wonderful then that the folks over at Recipe Look have taken a new approach to cooking in their online recipe collection. Their blog features plenty of recipes. The kicker:…

FAILblog can help mend a broken heart

Article: FAILblog can help mend a broken heart

We were once fond of telling people who’ve been dumped to buy a box of red wine and watch some good mindless action movies. But we’ve now got a better idea: buy a box of rose (it is summer, after all) and spend a few hours scrolling through the archives of FAIL Blog. (If you…

Green blogs unite to ask "Brother/Sister, can you spare $1?"

Article: Green blogs unite to ask "Brother/Sister, can you spare $1?"

Think of a blogger as some crazy guy/gal who sits around in their pajamas all day composing half-sane rants? OK, that’s probably not far off in some cases; most of us, though, do get dressed, and do give a lot of thought to the ideas we share.

No matter how passionate we are about those ideas, though, that’s where many of us stop — it’s our version of “doing our part.” David Quilty, founder of the long-running blog The Good Human, recently noted “As writers, we know that part of good stewardship is sharing information, but even the most intelligent among us can not make change without DOING something.”

And you thought your family was bad

Article: And you thought your family was bad

“Happy Mother’s Day!” photo from Awkward Family Photos

Just in case one of your friends hasn’t forwarded you this new website yet, check out In the awesome tradition of FAILblog and The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, Awkward Family Photos aims to “spread the awkwardness,” in their case by collecting some of the most horrendous displays of familial unity — and hilariously captioning them.

How f'ing romantic

Article: How f'ing romantic

comic by Dani Lurie This is what the internet is for: How Fucking Romantic is a brand new, wicked cool blog that’s illustrating the Magnetic Fields album “69 Love Songs,” one by one: We are a loose collection of mostly London-based comic-artists, illustrators and writers, who have grown up listening to  the Magnetic Fields and…