Confessions of a serial restaurant dater

Article: Confessions of a serial restaurant dater

“Do you need help?” My date asked.

I shook my head. “No, I’m good – I do it all the time,” I answered brightly. I leaned in closer, examining my target carefully as I adjusted the white balance on my camera. Holding my cell phone light in one hand and my camera in the other, I zoomed in on the shrimp-topped squid ink pasta noodles and carefully snapped my first shot. And then a second. And then another from a different angle. Finally, after several more shots, I set my camera down next to my wine glass and looked up with a smile.

Green blogs unite to ask "Brother/Sister, can you spare $1?"

Article: Green blogs unite to ask "Brother/Sister, can you spare $1?"

Think of a blogger as some crazy guy/gal who sits around in their pajamas all day composing half-sane rants? OK, that’s probably not far off in some cases; most of us, though, do get dressed, and do give a lot of thought to the ideas we share.

No matter how passionate we are about those ideas, though, that’s where many of us stop — it’s our version of “doing our part.” David Quilty, founder of the long-running blog The Good Human, recently noted “As writers, we know that part of good stewardship is sharing information, but even the most intelligent among us can not make change without DOING something.”

Portraits of the blogging world

Article: Portraits of the blogging world

Artist Danny Roberts has been painting portraits of the faces behind blogs. May I kindly suggest that the next subjects in this series come from a certain blog at the Sundance Channel? [Via]