Green tech finds – 7/28/11

Article: Green tech finds – 7/28/11

(Fe) Catalytic Clothing from Protein® on Vimeo.

We get a little more fashionable than usual in this week’s green tech finds: from Linda Loudermilk’s compostable bikini, to a cutting-edge design for an RV (really!), to air-purifying clothing.

The film set trailer goes green: King Kong Production claims its Helios Solar Hybrid Production Trailer can run a full day on the built-in solar and biodiesel generators. So, no fossil emissions from a pampered celeb who’s late to set.

The sleek, all-electric RV: Okay, you likely never associate words like “sleek” or “cutting edge” with recreational vehicles, but NAU’s Ecco Camper may just change that. (via Crisp Green)

Green tech finds (4/28/11)

Article: Green tech finds (4/28/11)

Together we all go solar. from Solar Mosaic on Vimeo.

A classic hybrid for sale, more poop to power, and solar kits at Costco… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Are you ready for an electric vehicle? A new smart phone app and companion website from BMW tracks your current driving habits to show whether you’re ready to transition to an EV. (via Crisp Green)

  • Crowdfunding community solar: Berkeley company Solar Mosaic creates a marketplace for individuals to invest in (and get paid from) community solar installations. See how it works above… (via Care2)

What's powering your lawn care service?

Article: What's powering your lawn care service?

Many environmentalists would argue (passionately) that “greening” your lawn means tearing it out, and replacing it with native plants or a vegetable garden. They’re generally right: by and large, lawns are water-hoggin’ monocultures that require relatively hefty amounts of energy to sustain.

If you’re not quite ready to dig up the grass, though, and you pay someone to maintain your lawn for you (or your landlord does), you can take a step towards a greener lawn by hiring a company that doesn’t use traditional gas-powered mowers.

Sundance environmental films: energy

Article: Sundance environmental films: energy


Imagine receiving a lucrative offer from an energy company to drill for natural gas on property you own. Would you take it? What would that drilling mean in terms of environmental quality for the land itself and the surrounding community? Filmmaker Josh Fox received such an offer, and his documentary GASLAND, which has its world premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, explores the impact of gas extraction, especially the process of “fracking,” and the environmental consequences that can come from the quest for this “clean” energy source.

How to pay for making biodiesel: sell soap

Article: How to pay for making biodiesel: sell soap

Like many schools, the University of Florida has developed a number of programs and efforts to produce and promote renewable energy. Mechanical and aerospace engineering major Eric Layton saw an opportunity to learn in a proposed biodiesel plant, and threw himself into the project whole-heartedly: according to the Gainesville Sun, “He helped build and maintain the plant and served as the coordinator for more than 50 volunteers who learned about plant management and operations.” He even received an award for his efforts.

And then, last Spring, the funding ran out.

Brazil Urges Africa to Adopt Biofuel Economy

Article: Brazil Urges Africa to Adopt Biofuel Economy

Biofuel and biodiesel are currently being created and consumed in large quantities in Brazil. Cars are running on a mixture of biofuel and gasoline and the sale of ethanol is expected to rival that of gasoline by the year 2020. Part of the reason why Brazil is so successful in biofuel, ethanol and biodiesel production…

Biodiesel Fuel Made from Algae?

Article: Biodiesel Fuel Made from Algae?

Diversified Energy Corporation (DEC) [] is licensing a patent pending, breakthrough algae production system from XL Renewables (XLR). The process is called Simgae (TM), and it makes algae inside a series of airtight tubes. The technology is comparable to agricultural processes in the cost and usage of component parts. The process requires a few easily…

NYC Garbage Trucks Start Using Biodiesel

Article: NYC Garbage Trucks Start Using Biodiesel

It looks like those loud rumbling machines we call garbage trucks are being greened up by some cities. This has been a slowly growing trend among garbage truck fleets in various cities including Portland, Oregon; Berkeley, California; Grand Rapids, Michegan; San Francisco, California; and now New York City. The recent announcement that New York City…