Billboards to beach sandals: Paper Feet

Article: Billboards to beach sandals: Paper Feet

Billboards don’t just “litter” our roadways… they create an awful lot of waste: according to Jimmy Tomczak, founder of Paper Feet, “Every year in the U.S. alone, so much billboard vinyl is thrown away that, if laid out, it would more than cover the state of Massachusetts.” For Tomczak, that mass of printed vinyl going to landfills turned out to be the perfect material for a product he envisioned while an undergrad at the University of Michigan: minimalist “barefoot” sandals that protected his feet while still providing the feel of going shoeless.

Josef Schulz, "Sign Out"

Article: Josef Schulz, "Sign Out"

While driving through the US, artist Josef Schulz photographed the ubiquitous litter of highway billboard signs, and then digitally erased the logos and writing for his series “Sign Out.” As Patrik Metzger explains: Deprived of their message and their function they are turned into empty speech bubbles. At first they seem to be merely surface…