Bill Murray

Four Bill Murray Movies You Must See Before You Die

Article: Four Bill Murray Movies You Must See Before You Die

Ah, Bill Murray. He’s a comedian. He’s a dramatist. He might just drop by your party unannounced and hang out with you and your buds. From misfit ghost exterminator to sourpuss weatherman, Murray’s nailed his each and every role and kept audiences roaring since the ‘70s. Add these quintessential Bill Murray movies, all featured in…

Bill Murray’s Top 10 Movie Quotes

Article: Bill Murray’s Top 10 Movie Quotes

Bill Murray is easily one of the most quotable cinematic legends in history, and we’re ringing in his birthday with back-to-back Bill Murray movies on Sun., Sep. 20. Watch Groundhog Day at 9/8c, Rushmore at 11:15/10:15c, and Broken Flowers at 1:15/12:15c. Before you tune in, fuel your brain with these classic Bill Murray quotes.

What Makes Bill Murray So Memorable? Here Are 10 Scenes for Starters

Article: What Makes Bill Murray So Memorable? Here Are 10 Scenes for Starters

Few American actors are as revered as Bill Murray. The hilarious-serious elder statesman of indie comedy first won our hearts more than three decades ago as a different kind of funnyman, playing a series of lovable buffoons. It’s all genius, and it’s all just added to his enduring sheen of cool. Though it’s really hard to choose just 10, here are our picks for the best Bill Murray film scenes.

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad Bill Murray world

Article: It's a mad, mad, mad, mad Bill Murray world

Get ready to color outside the lines. “Thrill Murray” is a coloring book set to pay tribute to Bill Murray, one of the greatest actors of my lifetime, with inspired illustrations of this actor by various artists. Aside from your run-of-the-mill Murray fans, this book is also for the “young, old, middle-aged, bored, hyped or mildly interested.” While this isn’t the sort of material found in the coloring book section of your local bookstore, and as bizarre as this is one some level, I have a feeling that Bill Murray would approve. There have long been loud whispers around the Web of Murray’s behavior in public. It’s not the sort of negative stuff that would land him on TMZ. Instead the prankster actor seems to pop up in unexpected places and his encounters with the public often fall somewhere between whimsical to eccentric performance art that leaves people surprised with a cool story that none of their friends would ever believe.

Wes Anderson Bingo and more

Article: Wes Anderson Bingo and more

A friend texted me this week asking if I wanted to go see MOONRISE KINGDOM (obvious answer is “YES”) which is the perfect segue here to discuss this amazing bingo card generator created by Slate. Captain Obvious would argue that Wes Anderson, the film’s director has certain signature motifs and techniques that he likes to incorporate in his films to the point of parody. All of these elements (and players), each “appeared in at least three of his movies, and some elements appear in all of them,” add up for a perfect game of Bingo.

Review Revue: MOONRISE over MEN IN BLACK

Article: Review Revue: MOONRISE over MEN IN BLACK

Going to the movies should never, ever be stressful (unless, of course, you’re planning on seeing the latest Lars von Trier flick). You want to see something new and relevant so that you can talk it up with your know-it-all friends. But you don’t want to sit through the one film that everyone thought would be great, but…isn’t. So here is our formula, simplifying the should-you-see-it conundrum: 5 new releases x 2 critical samplings = what you should go see. Simple enough, right? This week we have precocious tween lovers, some boyz in black, a bunch of radioactive Ukrainians, a wronged woman or two and a severely depressed Norwegian guy.

Check out the set of MOONRISE KINGDOM with Bill Murray

Article: Check out the set of MOONRISE KINGDOM with Bill Murray

If you’re not at Cannes (and if you are, stop reading this and go do something fabulous), then you’re probably tired of hearing about the new Wes Anderson joint MOONRISE KINGDOM. You’re tired of it because you know you won’t be able to see Bruce Willis rock highwaters and spectacles until Friday (if you’re lucky enough to live NY or LA…if not, then who knows). But, because Bill Murray loves you, he’s got a hilarious tour of the film’s set.

Wes Anderson and Woody Allen save summer cinema

Article: Wes Anderson and Woody Allen save summer cinema

Not that sequels prequels, slapstick comedies, superhero flicks, and action/adventure thrillers can’t be intelligent, lol. But still, can we expect anything a cut above? Yes! Some warm-weather flicks are filtering in made by actual artistes with real aspirations, at least judging from the heady descriptions. Some of them are even coming before summer’s official start date. Here are some of the most promising looking options for your summer cinema plans:

We've got Bill Murray's candid Cannes photos

Article: We've got Bill Murray's candid Cannes photos

Whether he’s chauffeuring you home in a golf cart or sneaking up behind you in public, Bill Murray commands your attention. His mere presence at the 65th Festival de Cannes is no different. He is certainly the most important member of director Wes Anderson’s party posse. They’re debuting their latest collaboration, MOONRISE KINGDOM, and while the critical consensus has been golden, a Bill Murray out in the wild will always steal the show! Take a look:

Hilarious Tumblr: Dads on vacation

Article: Hilarious Tumblr: Dads on vacation

Dads on Vacation is a hilarious Tumblr devoted to real life examples of the Hollywood archetype of the “Vacation Dad” (as embodied by Chevy Chase in films such as the National Lampoon’s VACATION series). While we may all cringe with embarrassment at seeing our parents hold silly poses next to statues, we get a laugh looking at other people’s dads wearing their brightest Hawaiian florals (and sometimes too-short shorts that scream “I’m not working right now!”) act foolishly and behave like children. And as someone who already enjoys mimicking sculptures and jumping photos, these dads are an inspiration for the future dad in me a hundred years from now. The one dad that refuses to partake in theses shenanigans is High Expectation Asian Father.

"The New York Times Magazine Photographs" goes beyond celebrity

Article: "The New York Times Magazine Photographs" goes beyond celebrity

Cropped from the original
Celebrity portraiture can seem like an easy way for a photographer to make a buck, and maybe that’s what makes it so challenging – to do something new and exciting in such well-trodden territory. Kathy Ryan, the director of photography at The New York Times Magazine, is such an avid proponent of the “good” celebrity portrait that she wrote a book on the subject, “The New York Times Magazine Photographs,” a “wonderfully heavy” tome out next month, the result of six years of research poring through 1,700 issues of the magazine.



Finally, a film that lives up to the hype. Not only is FANTASTIC MR. FOX thrilling to simply look at, I think even hard-core Roald Dahl fans will appreciate the liberties Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach (SQUID AND THE WHALE, MARGOT AT THE WEDDING) took with the story. While it’s not clear what they invented and what they took from Dahl’s original notes, the events in the book occupy the middle of the film with added backstory in the beginning and a more involved and complete ending.