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2010 in The Big Picture

Article: 2010 in The Big Picture

A tremendous sinkhole caused by the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Agatha in Guatemala City was estimated to be 30 meters wide and over 60 meters deep. As the sinkhole formed, it swallowed a clothing factory about three miles from the site of a similar sinkhole three years earlier. The clothing factory had closed only…

Big Picture: Earth Hour 2010

Article: Big Picture: Earth Hour 2010

Favorite photo blog The Big Picture at the Boston Globe posted a gorgeous series of 26 before-and-after photographs from cities around the world participating in this year’s Earth Hour where lights are turned off for an hour on Saturday March 27 at 8:30 PM local time to “to raise awareness about climate change and the…


Article: Gold

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture recently had a collection of photographs around the theme of gold, a metal which has reached “record highs recently, climbing over 135% in value in the past year alone.” I was amazed by this particular recent photo of the largest solid gold brick in the world! Valued currently at $7.8…