Beth Ditto

Top 10 girls who pushed back

Article: Top 10 girls who pushed back

Inspired by the new docu-series PUSH GIRLS, which features four outspoken women rollin’ large, we decided to write about ten women under 40 who push back in their own way. To help us narrow down the list (and not totally lose our minds), we kept it contemporary, which is why you won’t find Joan of Arc, Anne Frank or Rosa Parks below. Even so, it was near impossible to choose just ten young women who embody empowerment. Who else should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments section!

Phat girls

Article: Phat girls

Across the world high school gay boys and fat girls are finding solace in each other’s company. Forged in the solitude of being misfits, it’s a bond that’s unbreakable: fat girls and the homos they love.

So of course we queers clamor for Beth Ditto, the big-voiced and bigger-bellied lead singer of The Gossip. About to launch a new album, Ditto also recently turned in a convincing role as fashion designer.