Greener consumption: The friggin' hot edition

Article: Greener consumption: The friggin' hot edition

It’s hot – real hot! Even the greenest among us just wants to crank up the AC and lay around a lot. You can go there, or you can try out some of these ideas for beating the heat with a lighter environmental impact.

Solar-powered beer comes to Michigan

Article: Solar-powered beer comes to Michigan

Seen that ad for GE turbines in which a bar full of working class customers raises their glasses to “the guys that make the power that makes the beer?” Those same beer drinkers should be ecstatic, then, at news out of Michigan involving a brewery that makes its own power (and probably better beer than the Budweiser mentioned in the ad – and, yes, I am a St. Louisan saying that!).

Summertime: Some tips for opening beer bottles without a bottle opener

Article: Summertime: Some tips for opening beer bottles without a bottle opener

Summer is upon us and that means a season of rooftop, balcony and pool parties. Expect the most common question (after “Where are the drinks?”) to be “Where is the bottle opener?” In my best Seinfeld voice: “What is the deal with parties of a hundred people and there’s only one bottle opener?” I think at every party one person should be designated the keeper of the bottle opener. We could chain it on a necklace around that person. So instead of looking for a bottle opener, you just have to look for Jason, that 6-feet-9-inch tall guy. In the meantime, until this rule is implemented, watch this short film BOTTLE CAP BLUES. In it Adam Young and Chris Sumers (Get it? Sumers like Summers) sat around and came up with various ways and methods of opening a bottle of beer without the use of a bottle opener. Some methods, such as those involving a machette for example, it seems the loss of a digit or two is the cost of failing to open the bottle. They filmed the results set to some good old fashioned olde timey bluesy music. In some ways, this reminds of those YouTube “trick shot” videos I’ve posted here in the past. The creators however I think missed a golden opportunity here to make a “99 Bottles of Beer…” version.

Miller Lite meets tapioca, and creates opportunity for African farmers

Article: Miller Lite meets tapioca, and creates opportunity for African farmers

Ever finished a bowl of tapioca and thought “Boy, if they ever brewed that into a beer, I’d buy a six pack!” Monster brewer SABMiller (which makes Miller Lite, other Miller products, and a ton of other beers) now has you covered: their new Impala lager is made with 70% cassava, tapioca’s main ingredient. But, no, it’s not a gimmick to rope in pudding lovers; rather, Impala represents an effort by the conglomerate “to create a portfolio of high-quality, affordable beers made using locally-sourced raw materials for lower income consumers in Africa.”

Anton Steenbock's "punk trap"

Article: Anton Steenbock's "punk trap"

Somewhat similar to the previously blogged tongue-in-cheek “Bridge and Tunnel trap” and “hipster trap“, there this trap by Anton Steenbock. “Punkerfalle” or Punk trap is a bit more austere with just a bottle of beer and a steel rope. And oh yeah, a huge tank to trap you for eternity. That beer better be good.…

Tap Into It

Article: Tap Into It

TAP INTO IT from Vancouver Craft Beer Week on Vimeo.

Gay men like beer a lot more than many a stereotype suggest. But even those gay men who turn their noses up at beer in favor of the more obvious choices like vodka may reconsider after watching this movie. In teal unitard and rocking a regular guy’s body, the actor gives his best Jennifer Beals a la FLASHDANCE. He’s good. Connecting with the camera to comedic effect and giving it all.

Green tech finds (3/17/11)

Article: Green tech finds (3/17/11)

Raise a glass of Guinness to St. Paddy… and to a couple of Irish green tech finds this week.

Social gaming app for saving energy: JouleBug, a social gaming iPhone app for saving energy, was released this week at SXSW.
ENERGY STAR certified buildings increase by nearly 60%: That’s just one finding from this week’s release of its third annual report on the top 25 cities for ENERGY STAR certified buildings.

Green tech finds (2/24/11)

Article: Green tech finds (2/24/11)

Going off-grid as economic necessity, quiet compostable chip bags, and green beer… your green tech finds for the week.

Green beer in the Last Frontier: Juneau-based Alaskan Brewing Company faces some relatively unique challenges and costs in making its beer… and has implemented some relatively unique green technology (for a craft brewer, anyway) to keep a lid on both economic and environmental costs. (via Utne Reader)
Adjust the thermostat with your phone: ecobee, the makers of the Smart Thermostat, now offer an Android app that allows you to remotely adjust your home’s temperature.

George Washington's beer recipe

Article: George Washington's beer recipe

From the New York Public Library’s Manuscripts and Archives division is this handwritten beer recipe written by George Washington, our founding imbiber. If you can’t read his olden time cursive writing here’s a translation: To Make Small Beer Take a large siffer [Sifter] full of bran hops to your taste. Boil these 3 hours. Then…

Fighting that beer belly with… beer

Article: Fighting that beer belly with… beer

The discussion surrounding the obesity epidemic has centered on dietary norms, school lunches, processed foods, and agricultural subsidies. Beer drinking hasn’t received a ton of attention in this discussion, but if a student at Denver’s Regis University has his way, the battle against the beer gut may be waged with an intriguing weapon… more beer.…

Green tech finds (5/13/10)

Article: Green tech finds (5/13/10) [An Open Source Approach to Clean Drinking Water] from on Vimeo.

Cajun-style oil spill clean-up, solar powered iPod speakers, and beer cans that convert to cups… your green tech finds for the week.

  • Low-tech oil clean-up: Louisiana shrimper Alex Pellegrin didn’t wait for others to come up with ideas for cleaning up the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Using shrimp netting and “blue roof” tarp, he designed a prototype for an oil skimmer.

  • Mayans were the OGBs: That’s “Original Green Builders.” Archaeologists, with help from NASA, “…have ‘unearthed’ a complete ancient Mayan city that employed a system of green urban architecture.”
Green tech finds (1/14/10)

Article: Green tech finds (1/14/10)

We’ve still got a ways to go until Spring, but we do have baseball and beer for you at this week’s green tech finds:

Wall of beer

Article: Wall of beer

Studio On Fire, a “hybrid design and letterpress workspace in Minneapolis,” posted on their blog “Beast Pieces” the completed installation of “The Wall.” It proudly displays over 500 vintage beer cans, which provide an interesting snapshot of design from a bygone (drinking) era. [Via]