European beard and moustache championship

Article: European beard and moustache championship

To bookend Kultur Kritik’s post on the cigar and mustache man is this year’s European Beard and Moustache Championships held in Leogang in the Austrian Alps. 150 contestants ‘competed in 17 eccentric categories, including “Freestyle Beard,” “Natural Moustache” and “Verdi,” with the winner of the last category bearing a style akin to the famous 19th…

Crochet beanie beard

Article: Crochet beanie beard

The downside to my boyish good looks (Right? Right? Hello?) is an inability to grow a sweet beard. Here’s one solution for guys like me: an ingenius crochcet beard plus beanie combo by Etsy user taraduff. This is not creepy at all, right? Right? Hello?

New New Pornographers Video – "Myriad Harbour"

Article: New New Pornographers Video – "Myriad Harbour"

It’s Valentine’s Day, lovers, and it only seems right to get it started with some Porn. We recently took a closer look at Dan Bejar’s excellent “Trouble in Dreams” [] and now thanks to director Mark Lamond, we can take a closer look at the kaleidoscopic, gripping attributes of his fantastic beard. It’s a surrealist’s…