Breakdancing to classical music

Article: Breakdancing to classical music

The Internet is liking this video of b-boys Tyson Smalls, Robot Reeve, Nick Pitts, Josh Unice and Murphy Yang breakdancing to classical music by Stephen Anderson. [Via]

New b-boying dance style by Les Twins

Article: New b-boying dance style by Les Twins

This pair of French twins Laurent & Larry Bourgeois or the Les Twins are much, much better at dancing than you. They’ve apparently been causing a stir with their updated twist on b-boy dancing. Watch their astonishing performance above at the 2010 World of Dance. More on them here at Metafilter.

Party in 1991 with Iranian B-boys

Article: Party in 1991 with Iranian B-boys

Metafilter shared this amazing video from the time capsule. Recorded way back on December 10, 1991 according the video time stamp, watch a group of Iranian guys step up at what appears to be a wedding, doing their (rather impressive) b-boy thing with popping and locking toprock moves to downrock steps, with some power moves thrown in for good measure. Check out the guy in crutches around the 4:45 mark.