Sundance Channel announces casting for THE HONOURABLE WOMAN

Article: Sundance Channel announces casting for THE HONOURABLE WOMAN

Cameras start rolling this week for eighteen weeks on Sundance Channel’s upcoming fast paced, labyrinthine thriller written and directed by BAFTA® winner Hugo Blick, THE HONOURABLE WOMAN. A stellar international cast join Academy Award nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal, playing the titular role (Nessa Stein) in the eight part mini-series. The production will shoot throughout the UK and Morocco.

The king's real speech

Article: The king's real speech

THE KING’S SPEECH, a biopic starring Colin Firth playing the role of King George VI has been nominated for an impressive 12 Oscars. For those that just woke up from a Rip Van Winkle nap and have not heard of this film, the story centers around his relationship with a speech therapist who helps him…

Amazing BBC video infographic of global developments

Article: Amazing BBC video infographic of global developments

This is a segment from a BBC documentary THE JOY OF STATS where Professor Hans Rosling uses an awesome visual display to neatly demonstrate the rise of living standards around the world over the past 200 years. The boon in infographs (as seen over at GOOD) has resulted in some eye-pleasing work, but I find…

Making of "I'm not in love"

Article: Making of "I'm not in love"

One of my all time favorite pop ballads is 10cc’s “I’m not in love”. So I was stunned with amazement at this wonderful 2009 BBC Radio 6 audio documentary on the making of this 1975 hit song, “a milestone in recording” which also utilized one of the Very first Moog synthesizers to create the soft…

Green tech finds

Article: Green tech finds

Is the iPhone 4 green? That, and other questions answered, in this week’s green tech finds. Prize-winning biomimicry: Technology Academy Finland has awarded its biannual Millennium Technology Prize to Swiss scientist Michael Grätzel for his development of the dye sensitized solar cell, a cheaper alternative to photovoltaics that mimics photosynthesis. See the video above for details. (via…