Avoiding Fashion Week and dreaming of Eminem

Article: Avoiding Fashion Week and dreaming of Eminem

The man of my dreams—Eminem. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/GETTY IMAGES)
I had this crazy dream like a week ago — two of ‘em actually. The first one was more of a realization. I woke up in the middle of the night and was like, “Damn. I’m gonna be busy next year… So I better get some traveling in!”

The other one, also random — involved Eminem, of all people. I mean, huh? I don’t even listen to or think about him. Must have heard his song somewhere — like the time I was in K-mart and heard a lovely muzak version of Richard Marx’s “Ocean’s Apart.” Had a dream that night that I was at my mom’s dinner table introducing Richard Marx as my fiancĂ©. My mother kept looking at his mullet with a hairy eyeball and my sister leans over and says, “Richard? What’s your last name again?” and as soon as he says “Marx,” I woke up to her mocking laughter in my ears. I didn’t go to K-Mart for a long time after that.

The White House goes gay

Article: The White House goes gay

Great gay news is being reported over at Towleroad today. The lovable Simon Doonan, legendary Barneys window dresser, celebrated author, and hubbie to Jonathan Adler, will be decorating the White House this Christmas. This could be really good for the gays. Or it could be utter disaster.  While, personally, I adore Doonan’s style it is a…

Longing for magnificent hideousness

Article: Longing for magnificent hideousness

In a world of manufactured pop stars and even politicians getting better looking it is hard to believe that sometime not too long ago there were actors, singers, and celebrities, who, how should I say this, were a bit on the ugly side. Simon Doonan is someone who knows both beauty and ugly. As the creative director of Barneys he is day in and day out surrounded by beauty: models, fashion folks, fabulous people. Yet his personal style is quirky and at times, dare I say, ugly. His decorating tastes, prints, color, garish items, could also be described by the U.

Weekend at Barney's

Article: Weekend at Barney's

Turns out that Palin’s personal shopper is none other than the Rove protegee and robo-caller Jeff Larson! [] If I you were at Barneys a few weekend ago in the scarf section, you probably overheard something like this: LARSON: Ooo, I love this! BARNEY’S SALESWOMAN: Yes, that is a favorite among our customers. Fox on…

Loomstate For Barneys Green Party Recap

Article: Loomstate For Barneys Green Party Recap

Celebrate THE GREEN. Tune in, Turn On and Drop Off your t-shirt for Loomstate Barneys []. Recently, Sundance Channel filmed parties that celebrated the Loomstate for Barneys Green t-shirt recycling initiative. Sundance Channel was an integral partner on this program as was Lexus, whose hybrid vehicles embody the importance of sustainability. You can read more…