"The New Yorker" covers the Olympics

Article: "The New Yorker" covers the Olympics

In case you haven’t heard, the Olympics have been going on across the pond in London, where Mitt Romney received a gold medal in the putting-your-foot-in-your-mouth event. Among other things, the games are an opportunity to look at where we are — and where we’ve been — both culturally and artistically. (Don’t believe the Olympics have an impact on design? Check out influential street artist Banksy’s latest work.)

Banksy vs. the Olympics

Article: Banksy vs. the Olympics

For some, the Olympics represent the apex of athletic competition and sportsmanship while uniting the world. For others, it represents the zenith of Draconian corporate sponsorship, and irresponsible financial and nationalist excess. Diving into the middle of this debate is Banksy, arguably the cynosure of street artists, who has popped up with his own particular opinion on the upcoming Olympics. His latest two pieces of work, stencils in his familiar style, serve to remind the world that outside the glossy bubble of the London Olympics this summer there are real impact issues — including the legal, ethical and moral dilemmas of using military drones — that matter a great deal more than whether someone will be able to shave .0001 second off their swim lap or sprint. Ironically, the reaction to this work by the London authorities, who are threatening to scrub away these pieces, only serves to underscore the very critique that Banksy seems to be making.

New Hanksy spotted

Article: New Hanksy spotted

Wooster Collective spotted this second send-up spoof in NYC’s Soho of Tom Hanks and Banksy’s (previously) iconic “Girl with Red Balloon” street stencil art.

Banksy x Tom Hanks

Article: Banksy x Tom Hanks

Madeleine spotted Hanksy, the bastard child of Banksy and the always affable Tom Hanks on Kenmare & Mott Street in Soho. This reminds me of this hilarious pun around Mr. Hanks’ name that made the rounds on the Internet couple years ago. [Via]

Crochet Banksy

Article: Crochet Banksy

Facts: I’m an unabashed fan of Banksy. And I love the crochet art of Agata Olek. One of my favorite chroniclers of street art Luna Park recently snapped this picture where Olek adapted her style and paid homage to this famous piece by Banksy on the West Bank barrier wall. Speaking of Banksy, this is…

UK street artist comments on Banksy's Simpsons cameo

Article: UK street artist comments on Banksy's Simpsons cameo

The Internet blew its collective mind at learning that Banksy created an opening-credit scene to a recent episode of The Simpsons. The clip has since been in a cat-and-mouse game on YouTube as it gets pulled for copyright violations, then re-uploaded by someone else. The New York Times posted an interesting interview with Al Jean,…

New Banksy

Article: New Banksy

A slightly saccharine piece by Banksy. View two other brand spankin’ new works by him over at Wooster Collective. Relatedly, last week I came across an interview he gave the Sun and was struck by this quote: “But maybe all art is about just trying to live on for a bit. I mean, they say…

New Banksy: Oil covered dolphin is for the children

Article: New Banksy: Oil covered dolphin is for the children

Banksy stepped away from the stencil street art with this children’s dolphin ride that’s was given the BP treatment and placed at Brighton Pier. Watch a video of it in action here.

Chinatown couple saves Banksy

Article: Chinatown couple saves Banksy

There’s an irony that has accompanied Banksy’s fame which makes his graffiti a target for churlish defacement, as seen in this recent example where someone splashed yellow paint on one of Banksy’s newer pieces in San Francisco. It’s reminiscent of the anonymous splasher who riveted the New York street art community and the blogosphere back…

Stop-motion street art

Article: Stop-motion street art

Broken Fingaz -Graffiti Stop Motion from Broken Fingaz on Vimeo. Israeli artists Tant and Unga of the “broken fingaz crew” created this stop-motion animated bit of street art set to some aggressive beats. This video is somewhat reminiscent of Blu’s videos (previously). Also, speaking of street art, if you haven’t seen EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT…

New Banksy in LA

Article: New Banksy in LA

Coincidentally timed with the near-upcoming launch of the highly anticipated (at least by me!) film by Banksy, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP (view trailer), a couple of new pieces by Banksy have been popping up in street corners of Los Angeles, which is predictably sending the Internet and blogosphere abuzz.

New Banksy

Article: New Banksy

Flickr user RomanyWG snapped photos of new street art by Banksy “taken along the Regents Canal in Camden Town.” And in related breaking news, art blogger C-Monster found this awesome mash up of Banksy with the Dramatic Chipmunk, a popular Internet meme. [Via]

DIY Contemporary Art Kits

Article: DIY Contemporary Art Kits

If you don’t have the financial wherewithal to possess these pieces of art, nor the creativity to produce your own original works that’ll capture the imagination of the public, then use these do-it-yourself kits to imitate your favorite contemporary art superstars. For example, Damien Hirst’s “For the Love of God” – a diamond covered skull…

Banksy's new exhibit

Article: Banksy's new exhibit

I announced here a couple days ago about the opening of anonymously renowned street artist Banksy’s latest show, which also happens to be his largest exhibition yet, “Banksy Versus Bristol Museum” at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery in Bristol, England.