Thanksgiving all-in-one cake

Article: Thanksgiving all-in-one cake

Since the end of Halloween means it’s open season for retailers to shove their Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday sales and promotions down consumers oh-so-eager throats, it’s not too early to share this Thanksgiving-related item. What you’re seeing is not just a cake. No sir. It’s a cake that includes practically all the main fixings of…

Kama Sutra cookie cutters

Article: Kama Sutra cookie cutters

They say the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach—but what if you’re aiming for an area that’s a little further south? Swedish company Pipparkakan might have just the thing you need: their Kama Sutra cookie cutters allow you to transform an ordinary dish into an aphrodisiac buffet—provided your potential paramour is aroused…