Bad Girls

5 girls so bad they're good

Article: 5 girls so bad they're good

Talk about strong female characters who aren’t afraid to challenge notions of violence and femininity. In HARD CANDY, airing tonight at 10P, Ellen Page plays a 14-year-old vigilante takes on a pedophile, messing with his head — and ours. We’re supposed to tell you violence won’t solve the world’s problems, but let’s be honest: Sometimes, payback’s a bitch. Here are five of our favorite film girls who are so bad, they’re good.

LOVE LUST – Gimme some air

Article: LOVE LUST – Gimme some air

When Faye Dunaway graced the screen in BONNIE AND CLYDE, you knew you were on the wrong side of the tracks. You got the same feeling once Melanie Griffith took off her black wig in SOMETHING WILD, or when Carrie Anne-Moss confidently strutted in THE MATRIX. These women got what they wanted. Men were around, but our attention and the camera’s gaze were directed on fairer – though not necessarily gentler – sex. Muscles and guns, stubble and sneers are a dime a dozen. Watching a woman break the rules, and make her own, is a breath of fresh air. In short, bad girls are oxygen.

Top Ten: Bad girls, good films at Sundance 2012

Article: Top Ten: Bad girls, good films at Sundance 2012

Everybody loves a bad girl, and the indie crowd at Sundance is no exception. This year we had ladies heating up the phone lines, facing off with nature and, well…doing drugs in the powder room. But, mirror, mirror on the wall? Who is the best bad girl of them all? You’ll have to read on to find out: