Back to the Future

Internet's obsession with Ke$ha mash ups continues

Article: Internet's obsession with Ke$ha mash ups continues

Similar to that awesome mash up of Star Trek and Ke$ha (previously), here is another one involving BACK TO THE FUTURE, a movie I’m kind of still obsessed with. Its remarkable how such a vapid song can keep giving and giving. While we’re on the topic of mash-ups and Star Trek, this is one of…

Filmmaking at the speed of pink

Article: Filmmaking at the speed of pink

Filmmaking is becoming a brain science. According to an article “Bringing New Understanding to the Director’s Cut” in the Science section of the New York Times, cinematic language is beginning to align more and more with our natural brain patterns. Researchers at Cornell University have discovered that directors are increasingly using groups of shots of a similar length, edited together in clusters. They call it 1/f (one over frequency) or they call it “pink noise.” Apparently this pattern of pink noise is everywhere in our world…. in a heart beat, the flow of tides and traffic, the movement of our stock market, in the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE (apparently a very pink movie) and most interestingly in the way we think! So the fact that movies might unknowingly take advantage of this pattern almost sounds like accidental brainwashing – perhaps a very good kind of brainwashing but certainly with some questionable side effects. It could at least give me a good excuse for why I sometimes involuntarily cry during the cheesy sad moments of mediocre films (on an airplane with no audio)…