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B-Side to distribute indies

Article: B-Side to distribute indies

Dade Hayes reports today that B-Side has a bunch of money to distribute films: B-Side Entertainment, a 4-year-old tech company with a sizable profile in the film festival world, has landed $4.25 million in new financing and plans to enter the feature distribution biz. The Austin, Texas-based company, which runs websites that handle ticketing and mine…

Band to Watch: Cajun Dance Party

Article: Band to Watch: Cajun Dance Party

Seems like all our friends with tickets to ride across the Atlantic and back return buzzing about Cajun Dance Party, a band of five teenagers (ages 16-17) from London, gaining a name for packing in the punters and kicking out melodic spunk. They’ve left journos drawing wild comparisons (the Smiths, Belle & Sebastian, the Beatles)…