World's most beautiful gas stations

Article: World's most beautiful gas stations

Since I’ll be in Los Angeles for most of this week, I figured this gallery of “The World’s Most Beautiful Gas Stations” over at Flavorpill is apropos to my visit to the City of Angels.

Taxi cabs for the future

Article: Taxi cabs for the future

This is the year that New York City is suppose to announce the winner of its “Taxi of Tomorrow” competition. The New York Times’ blog Opinionator thinks the contest guidelines aren’t imaginative and challenging enough to truly produce a taxi cab for our future. So, “artist/inventor (and former R&D guy for Honda) Steven M. Johnson”…

No, these aren't photographs

Article: No, these aren't photographs

Gregory Thielker paints some remarkable hyper-realistic paintings of rainy days from the viewpoint of inside a car. The artist explains: These paintings became a way to explore how driving in weather shifts and changes the views outside the car as well how the driving experience informs our basic interpretation of environment. We easily understand how…

The view from extreme cockpits

Article: The view from extreme cockpits

Wired has a gallery of photos by Dan Winters of the cockpits and the pilot’s view of various extreme vehicles, from the supersonic SR-71 Blackbird spy plane (top speed: 2,193 mph) to the world’s longest cruise ship to a zero emission hydrogen rocket car that goes 199.7 miles per hour. They are all slightly more…

Futurama in Central Park

Article: Futurama in Central Park

Recently artist Jeremy Dean “stirrup’d” New Yorkers and tourists in the Central Park area on Sunday, March 8 when he took his horse and buggy converted Hummer to the park for a ride. Watch the artist’s short video below for a brief explanation of the project and for some behind-the-scene clips of the making of…

Billy Rennekamp, "Clover"

Article: Billy Rennekamp, "Clover"

Andrew’s recent entry here on Google Street View foiling a crime tangentially reminds of this short video piece created by artist Billy Rennekamp of a car driving in circles on a highway clover intersection which is layered with Google Maps street view iconography. Interestingly, the driver seems to be going in the opposite direction of…

Artists creates "invisible" car

Article: Artists creates "invisible" car

A 22-year-old art student at the University of Central Lancashire, Skoda Fabia painstakingly painted a car so it blended in with her studio’s parking lot resulting in people “stopping in the street to look and coming up and almost bumping into it.”