Rare half of a stamp sold at auction for $347,500

Article: Rare half of a stamp sold at auction for $347,500

This extremely rare 1872 postage stamp – correction: half of a postage stamp! – was auctioned off in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany for $347,500. Explanation: “Stamps were in short supply in Syke between 1872 and 1874 so it was decided that they should be cut in half as a makeshift solution,” she said. “But because this was…

Most expensive books ever sold

Article: Most expensive books ever sold

The Economist charted up this list of the most expensive books ever sold at auction with John James Audubon’s “The Birds of America” leading the way after a winning bid of $10.3 million on December 7. I think this is slightly misleading because it doesn’t account for the time variance of when these books were…

Johnny Cash's to-do note

Article: Johnny Cash's to-do note

All in all that’s a pretty productive day. Johnny Cash’s handwritten note was auctioned off for $6,000. [Via]

Superman #1 sells for one million dollars

Article: Superman #1 sells for one million dollars

A near-mint condition copy of Action Comics No. 1, which featured the first introduction of Superman recently sold at an auction for $1 million. This broke the previous record for this comic set last March to the six-figure tune of $317,200. Maybe the economy is recovering after all? A total of only 100 copies of…

Buy Ingmar Bergman's life

Article: Buy Ingmar Bergman's life

“This is my wish and no discussion or emotional tumult must come as a result.” Those are words from Ingmar Bergman’s will regarding his wish to sell all of his possessions after his death. If you never thought you could own the desk where Bergman wrote many of his scripts or the bed he slept…