“loredana, esq.” recap: episode 2 (naked and afraid)

Article: “loredana, esq.” recap: episode 2 (naked and afraid)

This week’s episode is bedrock Loredana: Ferocious. Fangs out. Focused. And on fire!

Up first is Mike Mingolello. Mike is an old family friend of LD. Everyone calls him “Chunk.” (Don’t ask me. I don’t know why.) Late one night, LD gets a call from her brother Robert saying that Chunk has been arrested. (Rob says he doesn’t know what the charges are when he calls.) He needs our help. This is a first for Chunk. No prior arrests. Completely out of character. Anyway, LD and Robert bail Chunk out, and as they are walking away from the police station, Chunk gives his side of the story: Late last night, just off work, he stops by an ATM to get some cash. He then gets so spooked when he is approached by three guys that he pulls out his concealed firearm and chases the guys off. Well, the three guys decide to call the cops and when the cops arrive, Chunk gets spooked again and takes off. A police chase ensues and somehow a police officer is assaulted and a police dog is bitten! (He bit a canine with his canines!)

5 Questions with “LOREDANA, ESQ.” Star Loredana Nesci

Article: 5 Questions with “LOREDANA, ESQ.” Star Loredana Nesci

SundanceTV: You began your career with the LAPD. What made you switch from cop to defense attorney?

LN: The LAPD was always just a stepping stone for me. My goal was always to be an attorney. I detoured into police work to experience criminal cases from the ground floor. When I was a cop I investigated crimes and arrested people. I acquired knowledge that my law books could never teach me. This past experience gives me an edge when dealing with clients and prosecutors, who experience crimes through the written words of police reports. I, on the other hand, have seen death, violence and blood. I was never sure if I would make it home at the end of my watch but I would do it all over again because I am a better attorney for it.

“LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 1 (Never Lie to Your Lawyer)

Article: “LOREDANA, ESQ.” Recap: Episode 1 (Never Lie to Your Lawyer)

Loredana Nesci. One tough ex-LAPD cop who is now one tough criminal defense attorney. She also happens to be my boss, my friend, my personal superhero, a pain in my ass, and the world’s greatest mom. Loredana loves to say that the legal system is a game – and when it comes to defending her clients, she plays to win. That’s it. That’s LD in a nutshell. You want her on your side.