Astrophysicist finds faster way to board planes

Article: Astrophysicist finds faster way to board planes

Whatever you do, don’t annoy an astrophysicist, because he will devote tremendous time, brainpower and vocabulary to making us all look like idiots. A few years ago, Jason Steffen got all agitated while waiting to take his airplane seat. Had it been a Ron Howard movie, this scene would have had an elaborate CGI montage with floating numbers and complex algorithms flying through the air as Steffen realizes that our current method – boarding in groups, back to front – is really dumb. I mean, hasn’t anyone heard of a Fermi-Dirac Distribution, for chrissakes? (I hadn’t, but apparently it is real and relevant to boarding an airplane).

The Known Universe

Article: The Known Universe

Watch this spectacular journey through the known universe created by the American Museum of Natural History with the Rubin Museum of Art, where this is being shown as part of an exhibit running through May 2010. Using data maintained by research astrophysicists, this mesmerizing video starting and expanding from the Himalayas, takes the viewer on…